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Smile! It’s a beautiful day!☺️
#yogaeverydamnday #yoga #smile #love #handstand (at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel)


Smile! It’s a beautiful day!☺️

#yogaeverydamnday #yoga #smile #love #handstand (at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel)

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“will eating too much fat cause me to gain weight?”

Too much of anything isn’t ideal. Eat healthy, balanced amounts of all your nutrients and you’ll be fine :) But fat isn’t the enemy, not in the slightest. Things like olive oil, nut butters/nuts, avocado, coconut oil, etc. are all examples of healthy fats and great for a balanced diet.x

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“do carbs make you bloat? because i've been bloated (and I just got of my period and my boobs are bigger so I don't know what's going on?”

It depends…different people react differently to different types of food. I’d say what’s going on is a bit of bloating from your period. When you have your period it’s entirely normal to retain water, causing you to feel bloated and blaaaaah. It happens to everyone, so no worries! It will go away x

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“is it bad to have a lot of carbs all the time? will it make me gain weight or is that a myth?”

Too much of anything isn’t ideal, except perhaps vegetables. BUT, you certainly don’t need to fear carbs. The whole ‘carbs make you fat’ thing is a bit of a myth—no one thing makes you fat. Plenty of vegans eat very high carb diets and maintain very healthy body weights.

I think carbs get the bad rep because of things like cake, doughnuts, etc. It’s easy to go a little crazy with all those things because they’re good, but of course you don’t want too much. Complex carbs and the like are definitely good for you, don’t make you fat, and a part of a healthy diet.

You can also have cake and doughnuts, just moderation of course! :) x

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I have a real life cubicle and was drinking black coffee while doing my work and felt very grown up, and then I realized that I watched Spongebob this morning in a onesie, so there’s that.

  • I am sleeeeeeeepy. 
  • Had a good first day yesterday—looks like this semester is going to be insane. My courses are intense and the internship is going to take up loads of time but BRING IT ON :) 
  • I have the COOLEST professor for my entrepreneurship class and I’m pumped about it. 
  • I have work and class until tonight and then I’m taking the Dutch boys to a baseball game because you can’t get more American than that!
  • Last night one of the Dutchies was trying to convince my mom that after graduation in December it’s 100% necessary that I just travel for a while. Hahaha I WISH. 
  • Tomorrow we’re leaving for LA to meet the other boys :) 
  • I want to workout but no time, so I’m just going to settle for walking around downtown/school and eating lots of fruit, so there’s that. 

Hope you all have a siiiiick one x

"Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first? "

Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie (via quotes-for-reference)

What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.


What you think, you create. 
What you feel, you attract. 
What you imagine, you become.

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