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  • Road tripping with the boys has definitely been an adventure—they are certifiably insane but I love them.
  • We’ve been to Las Vegas, tubing down the Salt River, to a baseball game, to the shooting range, to California, to the beach, to a USC football game, to the Santa Monica Pier, and all sorts of crazy places in less than two weeks.
  • Safe to say I am exhausted, but I think I’ve showed the Dutch some good parts of the good ol’ USA :)
  • Today we are going to Hollywood and to a pal’s house for dinner and swimming.
  • I have to do homework so I don’t fail out of university completely—definitely need to be a real human.
  • I am about to walk down and get a massive iced coffee with almond milk :) :) :)

I hope you all have such a nice day x

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“Heyyy Kacie. I LOVE raw almonds, and I was curious what would be a good serving for a snack size do you think??? I quite enjoy them, but I don't want to be excessive. I know they're good for me, but of course I need to eat them in moderation.”

Hey love! It’s definitely relative, as some people simply need more energy than others or have a larger portion of their intake come from healthy fats (like almonds and other nuts), but when I snack I typically eat about 10-15 and think that’s a solid snack :) Definitely listen to your body though, you may even need more energy than me x

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“Could you post a day or two of your food/exercise plan sometime?”

I can certainly try once I’m done road tripping with the boys, life has been a bit hectic lately.

Generally though, I eat balanced food, but don’t hesitate to treat myself. I do love fresh food and eat tons and tons of fruit—I love it! Workout-wise, I just do what feels good. I love to run, hike, bike, do yoga, and occasionally lift some weights. I’m not really a fan of slaving away in the gym at this point in my life and like to workout outside quite a bit. Hope that helps you! x

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“Hiii!! Hope ur day is going amazeballs!! I hope I don't bother you with this question, but do you happen to know any brand of granola bars that are healthy? I'm on the lookout for new groceries for back to school, and wanted something to eat that was healthy,quick and on the go.”

Hiya! I’d look for Kind, Luna, and Lara bars. They are generally good options with more natural ingredients than many of the other store brand varieties. I think the best tasting are the Kind bars, but that’s just a personal preference :) xx

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“Hey, Kacie, I have an issue. I went to go get some jeans the other day, and I was size 4 instead of 8, which is what I was last time I bought jeans. I was talking with my mom about it "I can't have gone down FOUR sizes", and my dad, who was nearby and had heard the whole conversation, scoffed and said, "Uh, no." And it just really hurt my feelings. Like, there was just absolutely NO POSSIBLE way I could have ever lost weight. I was really offended by it. Am I being too sensitive about it?”

No, you aren’t! It’s easy to let those sort of comments hurt, though I truly don’t believe that your dad meant it in that way. Sometimes people say things that they don’t mean and don’t even realize may be hurtful. He may simply think that you were already at a healthy weight and didn’t need to lose 4 sizes, so he was surprised. You never know what people are thinking, sometimes it just comes out wrong.

I would speak with your dad and just tell him that his comment hurt. I’m sure he didn’t mean it. Even if he did (which I doubt), you are wonderful at a size 8 or a size 4 :) x

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